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Which fast food chain was literally founded in a broom closet? Choose Wisely - Call AACTION TAXI CAB for that all important fare to RDU 919 924-6908(Papa Johns)

Who piloted the Spruce Goose on its maiden flight on this day in 1947? Trust AACTION TAXI CAB to pilot you to RDU - CALL NOW 919 924-6908 (HowardHughes)

Where was George Washington first inaugurated as our first POTUS? Count on AACTION TAXI CAB to be on time for your fare to/from RDU airport. 919 924-6908(NYC)

Which baseball team's cap did Magnum P.I. wear? Headed out of town for the holidays? Trust AACTION TAXI CAB take you to RDU CALL 919 924-6908(Detroit Tigers)

On this day in 1981, thirty million Americans watched which couple get married on TV? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB NOW at 919 924-6908 for RDU pickup (Luke and Laura)

Where was Lyndon Johnson sworn in as president following the JFK assassination? CALL AACTION TAXI for the most reliable fares to RDU 919 924-6908(AirForceOne)

Which U.S. state has the highest life expectancy? Smart, savy customers take AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU airport to fly to this state! CALL 919 924-6908(Hawaii)

Which US President paid off the entire national debt? Trust the Highest Rated-AACTION TAXI CAB-To Rdu CALL NOW 919 924-6908 WE ALSO DO PICKUPS-(AndrewJackson)

Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB for your trip to and from RDU at (919) 924-6908 THEE Most Reliable Taxis (Marie Curie)

When basketball was invented, the sport involved throwing a soccer ball into what kind of basket? Score big and CALL AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908(peach)

What is the only bird that can fly backward? Driving backwards with AACTION TAXI CAB is never fully appreciated by others!! ?? CALL 919 924-6908 (Hummingbird)

What Scottish song is traditionally sung to ring in the New Year? Thanks to all our AACTION TAXI CAB customers - 919 924-6908 (AuldLangSyne)

What was the most googled term of 2016? Try AACTIONTAXICAB.COM in the New Year! Call/Text 919 924-6908 for your trip to or from the RDU airport(Pokemon Go)

What gas makes up more than 75% of the earth's atmosphere? If you are going to RDU, then trust the most dependable...AACTION TAXI - CALL 919 924-6908(nitrogen)

Who was the only President to be sworn into office by a woman? AACTION TAXI - Use Us Once And You Will Always Call Us First 919 924-6908(LBJ,aboard Air Force One)

What is Donald Trump's best selling 1987 memoir and business advice book? Get a great taxi deal and CALL AACTION TAXI CAB - 919 924-6908 (The Art Of The Deal)

Who was the first actress to appear on a U.S. postage stamp? AAction Taxi Cab-Use Us Once-Try The Best! SCAN or TEXT or CALL NOW 919 924-6908 (GraceKelly,1933)

"The Lion King" is loosely based on which William Shakespeare play? Don't get "price surged" to or from RDU - Call AAction Taxi Cab NOW 919 924-6908 (Hamlet)

Who approves the appointment of Supreme Court Justices? AAction Taxi Cab is highly approved...just see our 5 STAR reviews!! CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908(Senate)

Who was the first NFL player to shout, "I'm going to Disney World!" after a Super Bowl victory? Try AAction Taxi Super Service to RDU 919 924-6908 (PhilSimms)

The statue known as, "Venus de Milo" is missing which of the following body parts? Take AAction Taxi to RDU, fly to Paris....CALL US NOW 919 924-6908 (arms)

What is the longest river in the world? The best taxi service to or from the RDU airport is AACTION TAXI CAB. CALL OR TEXT 919 924-6908 NOW (Nile)

What is the official birthstone for February? Don't get surge priced by UBER...us the BEST TO RDU - CALL OR TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (amethyst)

What is the name of George Washington's estate? Get 10% OFF First Fare to RDU-CALL OR TEXT OR SCAN NOW-5 STAR RATED AACTION TAXI CAB-919 924-6908 (MountVernon)

Who was the only US President to be an Eagle Scout? You can trust the most reliable taxis to RDU when you call AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Gerald Ford)

What is the most poisonous

The world's busiest train station, Shinjuku Station, is in which city? You can't take a train to RDU but you can TRUST AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908(Tokyo)

A bowling alley was installed in the White House for which U.S. President? Roll a strike and CALL AACTION TAXI CAB for that next RDU trip 919 924-6908 (Truman)

What celebrity comedian owns one of the largest Porsche collections in the world? Going To RDU? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Jerry Seinfeld)

Elvis Presley collected statues of which famous female? You can wear your "Blue Suede Shoes" in an AAction Taxi Cab to RDU--CALL or TEXT-919 924-6908 (Joan of Arc)

In 1998, on April Fool's Day, which chain staged a hoax of advertising a hamburger for left-handers? CALL 919 924-6908 for your FREE RIDE to RDU(not)(ans: BK)??

Who was the first African American to appear on a US coin? Don't settle for poor service to RDU-CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at (919) 924-6908(Booker T Washington)

What is the capital of Canada? Take AAction Taxi Cab (5 STAR) to RDU and fly to this beautiful city for a visit...CALL or TEXT us NOW at 919 924-6908 (Ottawa)

Who is known as "The Father of Medicine"? Get 5 star service and CALL or TEXT AAction Taxi Cab NOW for your trip to RDU - (919) 924-6908 (Hippocrates)

What is the rival gang of the Sharks in West Side Story? Going to THE BIG APPLE? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 for that all important fare to RDU (Jets)

Who was the highest paid actor in 2016? Don't get "price surged", Trust -5 STAR AACTION TAXI CAB To RDU Airport 919 924-6908 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,$64.5M)

What is the name of the rooster on the Kellogg's Corn Flakes box? Trust Only AACTION TAXI CAB with your all important trip to RDU 919 924-6908 (Cornelius)

Whose library formed the basis of the Library of Congress? Don't get price surged or price gouged ...CALL AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 (Thomas Jefferson)

The term "jumping the shark" derived from which television series? Trust the Best to the RDU airport - Call/Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Happy Days)

Which star athlete refused military service on this date during the Vietnam War in 1967? Don't dodge a 5 STAR taxi fare to RDU-CALL 919 924-6908 (Mohammed Ali)

In which U.S. city was the TV show Cheers set? Take AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly to "beantown" and catch a Red Sox game CALL US NOW 919 924-6908 (Boston)

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, also wrote which children's book? TRUST AACTION TAXI CAB To RDU AIRPORT CALL NOW 919 924-6908(Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

What was the name of the German airship that exploded over Lakehurst, New Jersey, in 1937? CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908 - for fare to or from RDU --AACTION TAXI CAB-- 5 STAR RATED-(Hindenburg)

Who was Johnny Carson's first guest on "The Tonight Show"? CALL AACTION TAXI for your next fare to and from RDU - 919 924-6908(Groucho Marx)

Which food item is used in the production of dynamite? Arrive at RDU AIRPORT safe and on time - CALL FIVE STAR AACTION TAXI CAB NOW - 919 924-6908 (peanuts)

What is a group of flamingos called? Trust the best, most dependable taxis to RDU - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB NOW 919 924-6908 (flamboyance...really)

What author created the fictional character Sherlock Holmes? All smart detectives should - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB TO RDU NOW at 919 924-6908 (Arthur Conan Doyle)

What film star was born with the name Marion Mitchell Morrison? Get to RDU like a Star - CALL 5 STAR - AACTION TAXI CAB IN CARY at 919 924-6908 (John Wayne)

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