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Which food item is used in the production of dynamite? Arrive at RDU AIRPORT safe and on time - CALL FIVE STAR AACTION TAXI CAB NOW - 919 924-6908 (peanuts)

What is a group of flamingos called? Trust the best, most dependable taxis to RDU - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB NOW 919 924-6908 (flamboyance...really)

What author created the fictional character Sherlock Holmes? All smart detectives should - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB TO RDU NOW at 919 924-6908 (Arthur Conan Doyle)

What film star was born with the name Marion Mitchell Morrison? Get to RDU like a Star - CALL 5 STAR - AACTION TAXI CAB IN CARY at 919 924-6908 (John Wayne)

Where is Stonehenge? Let AACTION TAXI CAB take you to RDU for a trip to this country. Call or text 919 924-6908 for 5 STAR service at a fare price. (England)

What chain restaurant once operated its own airline? We don't serve food, but AAction Taxi Cab will get you to RDU safe and on time. CALL 919 924-6908 (Hooters)

What civilization is believed to have built Machu Picchu? AAction Taxi Cab can get you to RDU Airport and on your way....CALL or TEXT NOW 919 924-6908 (Incan)

Which U.S. President never lived in the White House? Trust the MOST reliable taxi cabs to RDU AIRPORT - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908(Washington)

What actor is a licensed commercial pilot and flies his own Boeing 707 jet? Call or Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 and jet to RDU airport (John Travolta)

?What is the official national sport of Japan? Get to RDU safe, on time, AND save $$$ - CALL or TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB now at 919 924-6908 (Sumo Wrestling)?

Which U.S. state borders only one other state? Call or Text Now AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 for a safe, dependable fare to RDU (Maine)

Who was the longtime celebrity pitchman for priceline dot com? Trust the Best to RDU - 5 STARS - Call AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (William Shatner)

What was the deadliest hurricane in US history? Trust the highest rated Taxi Cabs to RDU - CALL/TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (The Great Galveston,1900)

What is Shaquille O'Neal's shoe size? Call AAction Taxi Cab Now for your next trip to the RDU AIRPORT - Dependable, Affordable, Clean Text to 919 924-6908 (22)

In baseball, what shape is home plate? Make AACTION TAXI CAB your new "go to" taxi co...like many others...you will love us...CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908(pentagon)

What does a tendon connect? At AACTION TAXI CAB, we connect people to RDU airport on time, safely, and for a fair price CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908 (muscle to bone)

Hugh Hefner holds a world record in which hobby/craft? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 for reliable, safe, affordable rides to/from RDU (scrap booking)

Who was the first man to break the sound barrier? We won't break the sound barrier to RDU airport however, we will get you there on time. Call AAction Taxi at 919 924-6908 (Chuck Yeager)

Which TV family resided at 10 Stigwood Avenue in Brooklyn, New York? Trust AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU for your flight to the Big Apple. CALL or TEXT NOW to 919 924-6908 (Huxtables)

What is the highest military rank achieved by a dog? Don't get gouged by the others, trust the most reliable cab to RDU-AAction Taxi - 919 924-6908 (Sergeant)

Where did the famed "Shootout at the O.K. Corral" take place? TRUST AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly to Arizona - CALL US now at 919 924-6908 (Tombstone)

Which state grows 95% of all the pumpkins in the US? Allow 5 Star AAction Taxi Cab to safely take you to RDU Airport in style and on time 919 924-6908(Illinois)

What is the day after Halloween called? No, Not “Devour Candy Day”... Trust AAction Taxi Cab to get you safely to RDU Airport CALL 919 924-6908 (All Saints Day)

What gives blood it's red color? Don’t get red in the face when Surge Priced by UBER on your important fare to RDU airport - CALL THE BEST at 919 924-6908 for AACTION TAXI CAB (hemoglobin)

Weighing around three pounds, what is the heaviest internal organ in the human body? CALL/TEXT - “5 STAR” - AACTION TAXI CAB NOW at 919 924-6908 (liver)

Who built the first film studio in the United States? Take THEE Best Taxi To RDU Airport - Call AACTION TAXI CAB now at 919 924-6908 (Thomas Edison in 1893)

What is the official national animal of Scotland? You can ride one of these but AACTION TAXI CAB is your BEST way to RDU Airport -919 924-6908 (unicorn)

Before Barbara Bush, what First Lady’s husband and son both served as US president? Trust the Best! CALL AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 for ALL your fares to and from RDU Airport (Abigail Adams)

Where did Robert Peary place an American flag in 1909? TRUST THE BEST - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB for your holiday travels to RDU - CALL 919 924-6908 (north pole)

Which bird did Benjamin Franklin favor for America's national emblem? Trust the Best ...Call AACTION TAXI CAB for your trip to RDU Airport- 919 924-6908(turkey)

What entertainer got married on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? AACTION TAXI to RDU and get there on thee highest rated taxi cabs in the triangle CALL 919 924-6908(TinyTim)

Which candy currently uses the slogan, "You’re not you when you’re hungry"? Trust The Best To RDU AIRPORT Call/Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (snickers)

Who was on the first cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1967? Roll on over to RDU airport with the best, CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908...(which Beatle?? JohnLennon)

To tour the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, you must visit what Hawaiian island? Fly from RDU Airport after taking AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (Oahu)

Which university claims the most U.S. presidents as alumni? Visit this college...take AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly north - CALL OR TEXT NOW 919 924-6908(Harvard)

What country was banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics? You going? AAction Taxi Cab can take you to RDU Airport, both safely, comfortably, and affordably. CALL US at 919 924-6908 (Russia)

Who was the youngest First Lady of the United States? Go with the Best, CALL AAction Taxi Cab for that fare to RDU airport - 919 924-6908(Frances Cleveland,21)

Quasimodo is a fictional character from what novel? Don’t take any chances...Book AAction Taxi Cab To RDU... CALL 919 924-6908 (Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Which two nations celebrated New Year first? AAction Taxi Cab to RDU, fly a very long way, visit these tropical islands. CALL 919 924-6908 (Samoa and Kiribati)

How are Teddy Roosevelt and FDR related? Start your New Year our right...treat yourself to safe, comfortable, punctual, 5 STAR taxi service to RDU airport CALL 919 924-6908 (5th cousin)

?Alexander Hamilton held which political office? Don’t miss your flight at RDU...CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Sec Of Treasury)?

?What singer wrote the music and lyrics to the musical Kinky Boots? AAction Taxi Cab should always be your first choice to RDU. You can call or text the best at 919 924-6908 (Cindy Lauper)?

Which martial art means "empty hand" in Japanese? Don’t miss your next flight at RDU...Trust the best! Call AACTION TAXI CAB NOW at 919 924-6908 (karate)

A large statue of which folk hero stands in Brainerd, Minnesota? Try some ice fishing or lumber jacking...take AAction Taxi Cab to RDU airport and fly north. CALL 919 924-6908 to book your reservation now. (Paul Bunyan)

?Which president spoke the famous line...”Tear Down This Wall”? Call or text now for THEE most dependable fares to the RDU AIrport. 919 924-6908 for AACTION TAXI CAB (Ronald Reagan)?

Which nut is never sold in its shell because the shell is poisonous? Don’t take chances with your important fare to the RDU Airport. Get there on time. Call or Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (cashew)

The "teddy bear" was named after which famous person? Don’t settle for poor taxi service - CALL or TEXT now - AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (Pres Theodore Roosevelt)

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