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Who approves the appointment of Supreme Court Justices? AAction Taxi Cab is highly approved...just see our 5 STAR reviews!! CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908(Senate)

Who was the first NFL player to shout, "I'm going to Disney World!" after a Super Bowl victory? Try AAction Taxi Super Service to RDU 919 924-6908 (PhilSimms)

The statue known as, "Venus de Milo" is missing which of the following body parts? Take AAction Taxi to RDU, fly to Paris....CALL US NOW 919 924-6908 (arms)

What is the longest river in the world? The best taxi service to or from the RDU airport is AACTION TAXI CAB. CALL OR TEXT 919 924-6908 NOW (Nile)

What is the official birthstone for February? Don't get surge priced by UBER...us the BEST TO RDU - CALL OR TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (amethyst)

What is the name of George Washington's estate? Get 10% OFF First Fare to RDU-CALL OR TEXT OR SCAN NOW-5 STAR RATED AACTION TAXI CAB-919 924-6908 (MountVernon)

Who was the only US President to be an Eagle Scout? You can trust the most reliable taxis to RDU w Whose library formed the basis of the Library of Congress? Don't get price surged or price gouged ...CALL AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 (Thomas Jefferson)

The term "jumping the shark" derived from which television series? Trust the Best to the RDU airport - Call/Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Happy Days)

Which star athlete refused military service on this date during the Vietnam War in 1967? Don't dodge a 5 STAR taxi fare to RDU-CALL 919 924-6908 (Mohammed Ali)

In which U.S. city was the TV show Cheers set? Take AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly to "beantown" and catch a Red Sox game CALL US NOW 919 924-6908 (Boston)

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, also wrote which children's book? TRUST AACTION TAXI CAB To RDU AIRPORT CALL NOW 919 924-6908(Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

What was the name of the German airship that exploded over Lakehurst, New Jersey, in 1937? CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908 - for fare to or from RDU --AACTION TAXI CAB-- 5 STAR RATED-(Hindenburg)

Who was Johnny Carson's first guest on "The Tonight Show"? CALL AACTION TAXI for your next fare to and from RDU - 919 924-6908(Groucho Marx)

Which food item is used in the production of dynamite? Arrive at RDU AIRPORT safe and on time - CALL FIVE STAR AACTION TAXI CAB NOW - 919 924-6908 (peanuts)

What is a group of flamingos called? Trust the best, most dependable taxis to RDU - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB NOW 919 924-6908 (flamboyance...really)

What author created the fictional character Sherlock Holmes? All smart detectives should - CALL AACTION TAXI CAB TO RDU NOW at 919 924-6908 (Arthur Conan Doyle)

What film star was born with the name Marion Mitchell Morrison? Get to RDU like a Star - CALL 5 STAR - AACTION TAXI CAB IN CARY at 919 924-6908 (John Wayne)

Where is Stonehenge? Let AACTION TAXI CAB take you to RDU for a trip to this country. Call or text 919 924-6908 for 5 STAR service at a fare price. (England)

What is the only U.S. state whose capital has three words in its name? AAction Taxi Cab can safely take you to RDU for a fare price CALL NOW 919 924-6908(Utah)

Which music artist changed his name to a symbol in the 1990s? Change to clean taxis to and from RDU-Call AACTION TAXI - 919 924-6908(Prince)

Which state has been the birthplace of the most US presidents? CALL NOW for great, on time service in a clean AAction Taxi Cab to RDU 919 924-6908 (Virginia)

What is measured using a sphygmomanometer? AACTION TAXI CAB is measured with many 5 STAR ratings! Join many clients-CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908 (blood pressure)

Which US President made Father's Day a national holiday? Surprise your dad and fly from RDU to visit him! Book now with AACTION TAXI CAB - CALL - 919 924-6908 (Nixon)

Who led a team of Chicago law enforcement agents nicknamed "The Untouchables"? AAction Taxi Cab is THE leader in reliability to RDU airport CALL 919 924-6908 (Eliot Ness)

Who was the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court? AACTION TAXI CAB was not the first taxi service in Apex, but we are the BEST 919 924-6908(John Jay)

How many people signed the Declaration of Independence? Join many others and sign on with the most dependable taxi service AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (56)

Which US Vice President killed a man while in office? Don't miss our 10% OFF all summer fares to Raleigh's RDU Airport CALL NOW 919 924-6908 (Aaron Burr)

What chain restaurant once operated its own airline? We don't serve food, but AAction Taxi Cab will get you to RDU safe and on time. CALL 919 924-6908 (Hooters)

What civilization is believed to have built Machu Picchu? AAction Taxi Cab can get you to RDU Airport and on your way....CALL or TEXT NOW 919 924-6908 (Incan)

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